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A mountain farm

with 600-year old roots

A mountain farm with 600-year old roots

The Plieghof is a traditional South Tyrolean farm with a century-long history. It was first mentioned in 1393 under the name „Plig“. The owner was Matheys Palüger. At that time, the farm already included a barn with stables, an herb garden, fields, meadows, and a forest.

In 1680, the farm passed to Jakob Tyrler and has remained in the family to this day.

In 1935, Josef Tirler took over the farm and had 6 daughters with his wife Maria Lang.

Since there was no male descendant, Tirler Katharina and her husband Jaider Florian took over the farm in 1966. They had four children. On October 22, 1983, they were given the designation Inheritance Farm by the South Tyrolean provincial government. A farm receives this award only if it can be proven that it has been inherited within the same family for more than 200 years in uninterrupted succession. In 2007, the eldest son Jaider Andreas took over the farm. In 2017, he and his family decided to build a new house, right next to the farm building. In 2019, the family moved, and the old house was demolished. Thus, today we are immensely proud to live and farm in this special place and to be able to convey the beauty of our land to our guests during their farm holidays in South Tyrol. We – that’s Andreas, Rosi, our daughters Sabrina and Leonie and Grandma Katharina. Because we are a family business with heart and soul, as your hosts we will always have plenty of personal attention for all your requests, questions, and suggestions.

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